Big chain clinics or small “boutique” clinics?

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Have you seen or perhaps even had the experience of dealing with the big chain dental clinics around Melbourne?

You know the ones, featuring in your face advertising and offering “amazing” discounts, deals and empty promises on TV, radio and the Internet.

Many of these dental clinics are owned by large corporations and conglomerates, and in some cases owned by insurance companies.

In layman’s terms, these large, chain dental clinics are essentially owned non-dentists, who in turn, hire dentists to see patients. One can only assume the owners are significantly more revenue-driven. After all, they’re in the business of making money, not the medical profession.

These corporations follow a trend that has been around in UK and US for the past few years. Whilst the deals, discounts and fancy premises may appear enticing on the surface, there are numerous drawbacks you should be aware of when using a chain dental clinic, including many factors a large company cannot offer when compared to the important things that a small “boutique” practice prides itself on.

Here’s what a small “boutique” dental clinic like Greville Road Medical and Dental offers our valued clients:

  • Personalised care – we know our patients as individual persons, and not make them feel like a number. Everyone gets treatment tailored to his/her unique situation. Think of it as a “boutique” or “bespoke” approach. Not one size fits all.
  • We accept all dental insurances, however, we are not controlled financially by any corporate or insurance companies. This allows us freedom in providing the best course of treatment, without pressures of financial targets or restrictions from insurance claiming etc. The only person who is in control is the patient – we provide sound & honest advice, and the patient makes an informed decision.
  • Dentists and staff who are local to the area, permanent staff. Unlike big chain clinics quite often has a high turnover of staff.
  • Dentist owners who oversee the running of all aspects of the clinic take pride in providing good healthcare and positive patient experience.
    Takes a genuine interest in patients’ well-being.
  • Dentists trained at Melbourne University, continuous education of high standards.
  • Driven to achieve patient satisfaction above all else. A good reputation and referrals from word of mouth is the biggest compliment we can receive. This philosophy ensures the best care for the patients at all times, and patients always receive honest & genuine advice.
  • Good things take time to produce, and we do not rush our appointments, unlike some high volume big chain clinics. We spend the quality efficient time to give the best results, and we listen to patients when they have questions and concerns, and make sure we address these concerns.

Have you had a bad experience with a large, corporate dental practice? If you, we would love to welcome you into the Greville Road Medical and Dental. Please schedule a personal appointment with us today by calling 03 9456 9933