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As Rosanna’s family dental clinic, we’re a dentistry team of real people with real world knowledge.

  • We’re local residents just like you, our valued patients. Our dentists are led by a husband and wife team, with a young family, that understands and appreciates the issues and challenges that our patients encounter.
  • We offer practical advice, supported by up to date research-based evidence, combined with tried and tested real life experience.

We are a small team of locals in the Rosanna and Heidelberg area, and we are here to stay.

  • At Greville Rd Medical and Dental, you can rest assured you won’t be seeing a different dentist every visit (like some other practices). We want to develop an ongoing, professional relationship with our patients to ensure they feel comfortable and confident they are receiving the best treatment available.
  • By ensuring continuity of care for many years to come, we can gain a greater understanding of your requirements and develop a better rapport with you.
  • We embrace the idea of nurturing and progressing with our patients to deliver the best dentistry solutions available.

Our dentists are strong believers in the prevention of bad habits and deterrence of poor dental practices

  • Ensuring best dental practices are followed  is far better than curing a dental problem, and often cheaper in the long term.
  • We attempt to provide a better experience for our patients by preventing substantial problems which require complex treatment.
  • By establishing great dental habits, we endeavour to help you maintain natural, healthy teeth and gums for a longer, better quality of life.

Healthcare with the right attitude

  • Unlike “old school” dentistry, the dentists at Greville Rd Medical and Dental in Rosanna do not sit on high horses and simply tell patients what to do. We empower patients with knowledge, so they can make informed decisions, with the patient’s best interests at heart.
  • Our dentists and staff puts themselves in our patient’s shoes at all times, to not only empathise with their unique situation, but to also ensure we are delivering the best standard of care on a daily basis.
  • Our talented team of dentists, surgeons, and general practitioners are always gentle and efficient, the way we would treat our own mothers!

Up to date knowledge and adherence to regulations

  • The dentists at our practice, regularly participate in continuous education to learn advanced skills which are backed by the most up to date and innovative knowledge.
  • We are always aware of all the latest regulations (e.g. sterilisation of equipments and best practices) to provide an unrivalled level of care in the safest environment.


  • We are real people who offer honest, professional opinions and we don’t beat around the bush, because we want the best long term outcome for patients
  • You will never feel under pressure when visiting Greville Rd Medical and Dental. We offer all treatment options for patients, highlight the pros and cons, accurate and fair quotations before treatment, and most importantly, we let YOU, the patient make an informed decision. No “salesmen” tactics here! We want to find the ideal solution for your needs.
  • Every service we recommend would be what we would do for ourselves.

Quite simply, Greville Rd Medical and Dental gets to the heart of your health requirements.

Get in touch with our team today if you have any questions, queries or concerns about the health of you or your family. We can share our professional, friendly knowledge, health and dental tips and techniques to help you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.