Wisdom Teeth Myths & Facts

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One of the dental issues that often arises with our dental patients has to do with wisdom teeth.

We have put together a quick guide to the common misconceptions, myths and facts surrounding the large molars that emerge at the very back of your mouth and what you action should be taken in order to minimise issues with wisdom teeth.

1. When will my wisdom teeth come through?

In general, wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 18-25years old. If they haven’t come through by then, they may be missing or impacted. Wisdom teeth are one of the most common congenitally missing teeth. Your dentist will usually refer you for a full mouth radiograph (OPG) if there are concerns about the whereabouts of your wisdom teeth, or if they have become painful.

2. Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?
Your dentist will have a look at your mouth and your radiographs and decide if your wisdom teeth can stay in your mouth, or if they need to be taken out. If they have erupted in the correct position and you are able to keep them clean, then there is no real reason to have them removed.

There are some circumstances in which your dentist will recommend extraction. This is usually when the wisdom teeth are painful, compromising neighbouring teeth, have had recurrent gum infections, and/or are unable to erupt fully due to inadequate space or it is oriented in an abnormal position (like horizontal!) This is called impaction.

3. Is it true that my wisdom teeth will cause more crowding of my front teeth?
This is a common misconception! There is no real evidence to show that wisdom teeth eruption is related to crowding of front teeth. The reason wisdom teeth get such a bad reputation is that they commonly erupt at the time where there is late jaw growth. This can often mean extra pressure on the teeth which causes them to drift into undesirable positions. This is why if you’ve had braces, it is extremely important to wear your retainers as prescribed so that there isn’t too much relapse in the position of your beautifully straight teeth!

4. My dentist has told me I need my wisdom teeth taken out. What should I expect?
Our gentle dentists will make the experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible! Like any surgical procedure, it is normal for there to be some post-operative pain, swelling and bleeding. The first few days are usually the most uncomfortable, and then symptoms will start to gradually reduce after that. Following the procedure, your dentist will give tailored instructions and pain management strategies to make the recovery as comfortable as possible.

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