Painless Dental Injections. Are they Possible?

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As a dental practice servicing clients in Rosanna, Heidelberg, Viewbank, Macleod, Greensborough, Ivanhoe

and the surrounding suburbs, the team at Greville Road Medical and Dental are always looking to grow our practice and attract and keep as many new patients as we can by delivering a ‘WOW’ experience!

Our goal as a dentistry practice offering patient-centered, holistic healthcare for the whole family is to have our patients say, “I went to the dentist today for a filling, and it didn’t hurt at all! My dentist really cares about my comfort; you should go there too!”

What many patients remember from their dental appointment is the very beginning of a procedure — the dreaded injection. However, when you anaesthetise your patients painlessly, you will be considered a painless dentist. But if you hurt the patient during the injection process, you are no longer considered a painless dentist and you have lost the opportunity to deliver a ‘WOW’ experience.

Why do dentists give injections?

  • Some procedures more are more invasive than others. Teeth, jaws and gums have complex networks of sensory nerves which can easily be activated during a procedure.
  • Eliminating pain and discomfort through anaesthetic injections ensures treatment is of excellent quality and carried out proficiently and painlessly.
  • Increase patient comfort and enhance confidence in the entire dental appointment process.
  • Rebuild confidence for dental patients who have previously had a bad experience with their former dentist.

How are painless injections even possible?

  • Anaesthetic gel and numbing cream are first applied to the injection area.
  • Pre-warm anaesthetic solution is also applied to ensure a painless injection.
  • A small gauge needle is used for dental injections.
  • Anaesthetic dental injections are performed slowly and steadily.
  • Sometimes (particularly for young children a distraction can make the entire process much easier for patients.
  • A relaxed patient who is confident in their dentist’s ability and the anaesthetic procedure will make for a painless injection experience.

At Greville Road, Medical and Dental in Rosanna, adults and children alike, report painless injections with our anaesthetic procedure and our dental team report far less stress during the injection process.  Enjoy the “wow experience” with our painless injection process, and you will enjoy your dental visit a little bit more.

If you require an expert dental team in Rosanna to offer expert advice on your wisdom teeth concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Greville Road Medical and Dental. We accept patient walk-ins from surrounding suburbs, outside of Rosanna: Heidelberg, Greensborough, Ivanhoe, Bundoora and more.

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