Find out what causes bad breath & how to beat it

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Get rid of bad breath | Greville Rd. Medical & Dental

We’ve all had these moments – about to have an interview or a meeting, or going on a date, and suddenly you’re more aware than ever, that you may have bad breath. Or worse… your partner points out that you have bad breath. A whole packet of chewing gum and 20 mins later, the crisis is averted. But no, an … Read More

Big chain clinics or small “boutique” clinics?

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Pregnancy Dental Tips 2 | Greville Rd. Medical & Dental

Have you seen or perhaps even had the experience of dealing with the big chain dental clinics around Melbourne? You know the ones, featuring in your face advertising and offering “amazing” discounts, deals and empty promises on TV, radio and the Internet. Many of these dental clinics are owned by large corporations and conglomerates, and in some cases owned by … Read More