Teeth Whitening

At Greville Rd Medical & Dental, we recommend take home teeth whitening as an effective and safe method of teeth whitening. You can often see the results within a few days of starting!
Speak to our dentists to see if teeth whitening would be effective for your cosmetic concerns.

A teeth whitening kit contains custom-made whitening trays and tubes of whitening gel. The process involves wearing the whitening trays for 30-45 minutes every day for a period of 2 weeks.

The treatment involves taking moulds of your upper and lower teeth in order to construct custom-fit bleach trays. These trays allow a greater concentration of whitening agent to be held on your teeth, whilst minimising wastage, ingestion, and overflow onto the gums.

Our dentists will tailor a teeth whitening regime for you to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

Good coffee is a big part of Melbourne culture, and we understand that some of us may not be able to give it up. (Dr Jacob is guilty of this!)

We recommended avoiding intake of food & drinks that may stain your teeth during teeth whitening treatment. If you do consume anything that may stain your teeth, drinking lots of water will help dilute the stains.

Our dentists will advise on the best ways to achieve the best results of teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening agent works well on natural teeth, however does not have as much effect on some teeth with previous fillings.

Our dentists will assess your situation thoroughly, and recommend the best way to create a bright beautiful smile for you.

Our dentists recommend to wait at least 6-12 months between teeth whitening treatments.

Refill whitening gels are available for purchase from our practice, and you can use the same custom whitening trays.

We recommend a dental examination prior to repeat teeth whitening treatments, to ensure healthy & beautiful smiles.

In some patients, the active ingredients in the whitening gel causes sensitivity to the teeth. This is a temporary response and is easily managed by applying desensitising toothpaste on the affected teeth.

A thorough dental examination prior ensures the safest and best results with teeth whitening.