Crowns & Bridges

Our teeth can become weakened through decay, cracks, trauma and extensive dental work like fillings and root canal treatment. In some situations, a crown may be recommended by your dentist to reinforce and strengthen the tooth, and to prevent further damage. They may also be suggested to improve the appearance of your smile where teeth are severely discoloured or mishapen.

A crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth to restore shape, size, function and improve the appearance of your teeth. It strengthens the tooth and prevents further damage.

Crowns are made from either ceramics or a metal alloy.

The dentist will advise on the best choice of material for the tooth, taking into consideration the strength, longevity, and cosmetic requirement of each individual case.

If you do have an allergic response to any material, it is important to mention this to your dentist.

Some teeth have crack lines that may not present with any sensitivities or pain. As the cracks grow larger and deeper, the tooth starts to hurt upon biting into certain foods.

Cracks in teeth can be caused by long-term repeated pressures from chewing, teeth clenching or grinding, or even traumatic episodes such as falls. Cracks are also more likely when a tooth has been previously filled.

Protection of cracks are possible with a crown, as it holds all sides of a tooth inwards, preventing a small crack from getting larger and deeper.

A bridge replaces a missing tooth with an artificial tooth that is anchored on to neighbouring adjacent teeth.
In suitable cases, a bridge provides long-lasting strength and good cosmetic results.
Bridges can be made with a combination of metal frame with porcelain, or entirely with ceramic.

The selection of material is based on the individual case and patient requirements.

There are some pre-requisites for a bridge to be sucessful.
Our dentists conduct thorough examinations with relevant imaging, then discuss with you the various options of replacing missing teeth, along with the pros & cons of each option.